The circulation pump for swimming pools is composed of an electric motor and a hydraulic body where the impeller and the filter are housed inside.

It is placed halfway between the prefilter – from which it receives the purified water from any particles – and the filter, towards which the water is directed.

The circulation pump is the beating heart of the pool and its proper functioning, combined with that of the filter, depends a lot on the quality of the water.

With DSCPUMPS you will opt for a selected range of single-phase and three-phase swimming pool pumps, of different powers and construction materials to adapt to different needs (large systems, sea water, etc.) with guaranteed availability of spare parts and guaranteed assistance service. in time.

Self-priming electric pumps for swimming pools with built-in prefilter and motor isolated from the water.
The pump is built with high quality plastic materials, resistant to sand erosion and corrosion.
With stainless steel diffuser.
Pump support base.

– For the circulation of water in swimming pool filtration systems.
-For clean or slightly dirty water with suspended solids.


Self-priming centrifugal electric pumps for recirculation and filtering of water in small and medium-sized swimming pools with incorporated prefilter

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